We enjoyed the tour to Iceland so much that immediately signed up for the incoming tour to New Zealand with Inscape Photo Tours.
Martin and Jan are very professionals. They have the ability to teach at all levels with patience and encouragement.
I’m personally improving my photography techniques by capturing amazing images in some of the most incredible travel destinations under their direction.
We are also happy that we had the chance to meet nice people, especially on the New Zealand tour. We had fun and unforgettable memories that will stay with us forever!

Carmen & Piero, D.C. U.S.A

I have booked 2 photo tours with Inscape Photo Tours, the first was the trip to Iceland and the 2nd one was to New Zealand. Both tours were extremely well organized. Both Martin and Jan are excellent in assisting the clients.

I had a fantastic time on both tours and can only recommend taking part in these tours. I am already preparing for the next on in Lofoten!

Ingo, Germany

What an incredible tour! I was able to get the most iconic shots I’ve been after for years. Each day was extremely well organized so that we were able to best make use of the light and location. Even when the weather wasn’t cooperating, there were contingency plans on what best to shoot so that no time was ever wasted.

Martin and Jan’s expertise and friendliness was over the top. Their unique ability to provide individual instruction on both composition and editing to photographers of various levels of experience was amazing. I’m thrilled having finished this photo tour with dozens of pictures I’m proud to hang on the wall and can’t wait to sign up for the next trip!

Thanks Inscape!!!

Eric, Canada

Our InScape photo tour of New Zealand definitely exceeded our expectations. Martin and Jan were excellent guides, everything was well coordinated and they even arranged for the weather to cooperate! In addition to spectacular scenery and shooting locations, their attention and patience assured that we were all better photographers by the trip’s end. Not to mention, it was a lot of fun!

We were very satisfied with all aspects and plan to book another tour with InScape.

Debra and Scott, USA

This was our second photo tour with Inscape and just as before all details were nicely handled to maximize time for photography. Martin had great locations lined up for photo stops but also showed flexibility in some impromptu locations, one of which turned out to be amazing. Martin and Jan (often one of his guides) are both great photographers and helpful with issues that arise with cameras or gear.

They help with composition if needed or will just let you go off to shoot alone if that is what you prefer. They are both quite pleasant and fun to be around. We had a great time and have already signed up for another photo tour! Thanks guys!

Karyn and Bill, USA

10 days in Iceland with Inscape Photo Tour has been one of the great trips for me. Martin and Jan opened a door to post-processing world that I never knew could make your photos go from good to wow. Martin and Jan both are passionate about photography and same passion reflects in their exemplary efforts to make sure every participant became friends with their camera and lenses and had great pictures of Iceland. Visiting Ice cave was one of the coolest experiences for most of us on the trip. Thanks to Martin for going an extra mile to reschedule Ice cave tour with another company earlier than the planned one as weather was getting miserable.  As an added benefit, everyone in the group was enthusiastic and fun to travel with.

Iceland is beautiful country and exploring it with Inscape photography tour was a perfect fit. Now, whenever I take a picture whether phone or camera, I am always thinking “Have I clipped the highlights in the sky or how can I make this composition better” ūüôā¬† Hope to explore another part of the world with Inscape Photo Tours in future.

Gauri, USA

“I had a wonderful experience of joining Martin and Jan on a recent Iceland photography tour.¬†The entire tour was well planned, good accommodations, safe transportation and spacious cars for 2 small groups. Jan and Martin provided knowledgeable in photography as well as the locations for the best ways to get amazing shots. It was a pleasant, fun, a lot of memories photo trip, I enjoyed¬†every moment!”

Connie, Hong Kong

I was a bit nervous regarding the extent of the physical and extreme environmental challenges of photography in Iceland at this time of year.¬† However, Martin’s planning and attention to the details of the itinerary ensured a very enjoyable trip.¬†¬† Each and every day was fun and filled with learning regardless of what the weather dished out. Both Martin and Jan were committed to making sure everyone came away with great photos and the knowledge to continue in their photography journey.¬† If we weren’t outdoors on a shooting adventure, we were indoors learning how to post process our photos to their greatest potential. Regardless of the level of ability, experience or camera equipment, everyone was equally inspired and encouraged by both Martin and Jan with genuine enthusiasm for our learning. I will treasure the memories of this adventure!

Sandra, USA

I am thankful that i was able to participate in your photo tour in Iceland. I was both a great learning experience and a chance for me to get out of my comfort zone. The student to teacher ratio was excellent! You and Jan were able to spend time with us, teaching, correcting, and sharing with us your expertise. I am glad that aside from the technical aspects which confuse me sometimes, you also taught us the value of the story behind the picture. I really appreciated that!

Caroline, USA

Just returned from Czech photo tour organized by Martin Bisof . Highly recommended. Imagine having a young, enthusiastic photographer as a friend in Prague who meets you at the airport, carefully plans your tour, books cozy little hotels, knows the best spots , takes care of all your needs. Four very different participants from all over the world had an immediate click. Martin is very knowledgeable in photography, gear and after processing. Always eager to give an advice. What I liked best is his subtle taste and sensitivity, the ‚Äúcleanliness‚ÄĚ in his composition, sophisticated simplicity. We were not so lucky with the ‚Äúright‚ÄĚ , photographic weather. The mist was too heavy in Moravian fields, the sun did not rise over the Prague roofs on the right day, etc,etc. And yet everyone was happy thanks to Martin‚Äôs good humor and optimism.

Diana Amster, Israel

Great experience with the tour with Martin and Dominika. They have very good eye for the best vantage points. They were also very patient helping my wife with her camera settings and composition. Highly recommended.

Piero and Carmen, USA

I have been in Prague before and have taken many “tourist” pictures, but on this photo tour, I was not a tourist. I was a photographer (and Martin had to occasionally remind me of that. ) This time, I took photos that were different from those that millions of tourists take every day.
Our tour group visited several places that tourists don’t even know about, and when we shot in the popular tourist locations, we were shooting photos in a different way – seeing the tourist sites through the eyes of a photographer. We looked at details, patterns, and interesting compositions in the Moravian landscapes, and in the many different types of architecture and streets across the various cities and towns. We even photographed some ordinary, mundane things and turned them into fascinating photographs. One afternoon, when it started to rain during our shoot, we found something else to photograph and came away with creative, unusual pictures. I even captured a photo of a “ghost” lurking around the Old Town Hall tower.
Some new techniques for me were: shooting in very poorly-lit locations, shooting long exposures, and using ND filters. I also learned new Photoshop techniques that make pictures pop out more.
Overall, the tour was an exciting experience and I have greatly benefited from it. I am not a tourist. I am a photographer!

Blanka B., Insacpe Photo Tours client
Blanka B., Canary Islands

As an experienced traveler and¬†photographer but with little time available,¬†what I look¬†for is to be in the right place at the right time. With Martin I found exactly that…and even more!¬†The trip was¬†perfectly organized.¬†Martin is¬†a nice person all round, a first rate photographer and¬†knows every corner of his country, the best¬†season and the best time¬†to photograph it.

In my group there were also less experienced people and I could appreciate how patient and kind was Martin in offering his expert help and answering all kind of questions. He cares that you become a better photographer.

Thanks for everything, I had a great time and a lot of fun. I’m¬†looking forward to do another trip with you! ūüôā

Blanka Burgos, Insacpe Photo Tours client
Paul D’, Switzerland

“Attending the workshop in Iceland 2017 with Inscape Photo Tours was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. Jan and Martin are not only excellent photographers, but also great friends. They do much more than teaching you the techniques and art of photography. They know how to inspire and motivate the attendants. More than a group, it became a supportive team. I had lots of fun and I¬īll never forget it.”

client in iceland with inscape photo tours
Brenda R., Frankfurt am Main, Germany

It was a photography trip for the history books!  Each day was filled with portfolio worthy images, a perfect combination of destination, subject, lighting and composition.  Martin and Jan provided amazing guidance both at location and in post-editing to help me take the best images ever.  The trip was filled with adventure, laughs and thrills.  The memories and friendships our entire group made will last a lifetime.   I’m looking forward to many more photographic adventures with Inscape Photo!

client in iceland with inscape photo tours
Eric Y., Toronto, Canada

Inscape Photo Tours provided one fantastic trip. Jan and Martin took us to the beauty of Iceland and we spent twelve days with ourselves and our camera shutter‚Äôs being busy catching the world thru their eyes. ¬†No matter what your experience level or equipment that you brought, they could both help you. ¬†Trip more than met my expectations. ¬†Personally, before this trip I primarily took pictures of birds and wildlife. ¬†Taking pictures of landscape and understanding Martin and Jan’s desire to create composition in your picture was ‚Äėeye opening‚Äô for me. I‚Äôm truly glad I went on this trip. ¬†At the age of 72 I was able to keep up with the ‚Äėgroup‚Äô and they pushed us to have as many experiences with our camera as possible. ¬†My time with my camera will be better, in the future, because of what I learned and experienced with Inscape during this trip.

client in iceland with inscape photo tours
Jim W., Los Angeles, USA

I’m not sure where to begin because this trip was just about perfect. The actual scenery was beautiful, the weather was mild (by Iceland standards), the hotels were well chosen, the food was very good, the photography opportunities were ideal, and the fellowship of the participants was an unexpected bonus. Actually, the entire trip felt like a bonus because we were uncertain what to expect going in. I’m pleased to say that probably every aspect of this trip exceeded our expectations.  Martin is an excellent tour leader. It was apparent that he paid careful attention to all the details necessary to make the trip successful. Both Martin and Jan are excellent photographers and guides. Their personalities and styles fit together well.

We enjoyed the tour so much that we are planning on joining Inscape again in 2019 in New Zealand. We would highly recommend Inscape and trust them for any photo tour!

client in iceland with inscape photo tours
Karyn and Bill W., Dallas, USA