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czechia photo tour

Czech Republic Photo Tour

Date: April 15th – 22nd 2020 – SOLD OUT
October 21st – 28th 2020 – 1 Spot Left!
Price: $2900 USD

Nestled in the center of Europe, Czechia is a fairy tale country with exceptional opportunities for photographers. Although it is relatively small in size, the Czech Republic will amaze you not only with its majestic castles, medieval towns and cobbled streets surrounded by colorful houses but also with its rich nature and breathtaking landscapes.

photography workshop in Lofoten - Norway, Inscape photo tours

Lofoten Photo Tour 2020

Date: January 18th – 25th 2020
Price: $3600 USD
Availability: SOLD OUT

Located within the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands offer spectacular opportunities for photographers. We will soak in the dramatic landscapes, incredible fjords, crystal-clear sea against a backdrop of gigantic mountains, and authentic fishermen’s life in well-preserved old fishing villages.

Here you can experience Aurora Borealis in all its glory, flowing over arctic beaches and rugged fjords.

myanmar photo tour

Myanmar Photo Tour 2020

Date: February 8th – 17th, 2020
Price: $3800 USD
Availability: 2 spots left!

Who wouldn’t love to shoot the sunrise in Bagan overlooking over 2000 ancient temples with dozens of hot-air balloons floating over them? Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a world treasure because of its warm-hearted, smiling people who make it a truly magical photography destination for capturing candids and compelling portraits of locals. Myanmar was frozen in time and opened its doors to the world only a few years ago. Now is the right time to experience the vibe that may vanish in the next couple of years.

tanzania photo tour by inscape photo tours. Take the best picures in Africa

Tanzania Photo Tour 2020

Date: October 3rd – 10th 2020
Price: $7490 USD
Availability: 3 Spots Left

From the epic expanse of the Serengeti through the forests of the Arusha, incredible Lake Manyara to the self-contained basin of the Ngorongoro Crater, our Tanzania Photo Tour delivers some of the planet’s most impressive natural spectacles. Explore with us the best destination for wildlife photography on earth and take outstanding pictures of lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, giraffes and much more!

iceland photo workshop

Iceland Photo Tour 2020

Date: November 6th – 15th 2020
Price: $4100 USD
Availability: Registration open!

Iceland the ”Land of Ice and Fire” is one of the most spectacular places in the world. Over 10 days, our photography subjects will range from immense glaciers and cascading waterfalls to black basalt beaches. Ever changing light conditions challenge us every time, but reward us later. Last but not least, the Northern Lights might dance in the sky, and we will be there to capture this unearthly spectacle.

new zealand photo workshop

New Zealand Photo Tour 2021

Date: March 15th – 25th 2021
Availability: Registration open!
Price: $5500 USD

Let us take you to one of the most spectacular locations in the world. Cascading waterfalls, snow-covered mountains, rugged coasts, ancient forests, crystal clear lakes, and magnificent fiords. This and much more we will photograph in the paradise of New Zealand. Last but not least we will experience an unforgettable helicopter flight in Mount Aspiring region and a cruise in the heard of the Milford Sound.

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Ladakh, India

Inscape Photo Tours

Ladakh located in the Himalayan Mountains is undoubtedly one of the most unique places in the world. The atmosphere of the Buddhist Monasteries, towering peaks, authentic life of the monks, crystal clear night sky – All this and much more we will witness on this unforgettable trip.


Inscape photography Workshop - Peru

Peru – It is not only Machu Picchu, but Peru also has much more to offer. Colorfully dressed locals, walking lamas through streets of colonial Cusco help us to emerge with the old Inca culture. We will focus on travel photography in Sacred Valley that represents Peru as we know it.


Inscape photography Workshop - Scotland

Scotland – Wild and unchained nature in its most raw form can be found on the north of the United Kingdom. Our photo tours will focus on landscape photography mostly around the magical Isle of Skye and Glen Coe. Nature will be full of vibrant autumn colors, moody scenes, and emotions.

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