We have a fantastic team of professionals who ensure you take home outstanding photographs, exceptional creative skills and fantastic memories of your time with us.
Martin Bisof, Inscape Photo Tours tour leader and educator

Martin Bišof

Director, Tour Leader & Educator

Prague based professional photographer and adventurer who has years of experience guiding photo workshops and with the commercial shooting. He has traveled to more than 35 countries around the globe and has explored wonders from the depths of the Amazon rain forest to the high peaks of the Himalayas. Martin’s pictures have won awards internationally and appeared in various magazines.

dominika, tour coordinator at inscape photo tours

Dominika Bišofová

Logistical Coordinator, Co-founder

Dominika with a background in tourism is more than an experienced traveler, writer, and photographer responsible for most of the logistical planning for Inscape Photo Tours. She is the right person to contact regarding the itineraries, logistics, and services. Dominika loves old-school analog cameras and taking documentary pictures. In her personal life, she is also a professional yoga teacher and Asian culture lover.


Pedro Kin

Tour Leader & Educator

Portuguese landscape photographer and educator based in Slovakia. With a long list of destinations on his travel list, Pedro favors the unique landscapes and cold nature of northern Europe for his photography – his portfolio includes classics such as the northern lights and the waterfalls of Iceland to lesser-known locations on the Baltic Sea and the Tatras. Pedro’s photos have made it to several photography magazines.


Helena Kučerová

Wildlife Photography Assistant

Why choose Inscape Photo Tours?


We offer you an experience that you will treasure forever and capturing it on camera will provide you with those visual memories of your time with us. We take you to locations we know and love and will offer you endless photography opportunities. At Inscape Photo Tours, we structure each day to make the most of the location and light, we have studied the destinations often for years to be able to provide you a truly exceptional experience.


Small and personal

We keep our tours limited to small groups of 5–8 participants. While it costs a little more to achieve smaller tours, it enables us to dedicate plenty of time to pass on to you our extensive experience and knowledge. We always prefer quality over quantity. Our tours are also 100% spouse friendly.


Unique experience

In every our photo tour we are trying to include something special. Whether it’s a helicopter flight in Southern Alps of New Zealand, photographing owls and birds of prey in Czechia or photographing inside a crystal blue ice cave in Iceland, our clients get really a unique and unforgettable experience.


Individual approach

Whether you are a beginner, keen amateur or professional photographer we want you to get the best possible pictures on every our tour. Each of our participants will get the right infield guidance from understanding all camera settings, creating outstanding compositions, developing a personal style to finalizing ideas in image editing software.


Responsible Tourism

Photography is a wonderful way to interact with the world. It allows us to immerse ourselves with the beauty of landscapes, people and wildlife. We ensure that our tours have a positive impact on the countries, the wildlife and the people that we visit. We are committed to the values of responsible tourism and always ensure that the beautiful imagery that we take away with us is captured in a sustainable and respectful way.


THA award for Inscape Photo Tours

In March 2020 the Travel & Hospitality Awards team selected our Prague Photography Tour as a winner in category Learning Experience of the Year in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic Prestige Awards 2020 - Inscape Photo Tours Winner

Inscape Photo Tours has been picked as the winner of the Czech Republic Prestige Awards 2020 in category Photography Tour Company of the Year.

lux life magazine award for inscape photo tours

In February 2020 we were awarded as Best Photography Tour & Workshop Provider – Czech Republic by Travel & Tourism Awards 2020, Lux Life Magazine.

award for inscape photo tours

At the beginning of the year 2019, Inscape Photo Tours won Grand Prix of Tourism of the Czech Republic in category Start-Up of the year. It is an honor for us to be awarded on behalf of Associations of Tourism, COT Media and Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic.


“The unique essence or inner nature of a person, place, thing, or event, especially depicted in poetry or a work of art.”